What makes Shazam application so Unique?

What makes Shazam application so Unique?

We are living in 21st century where almost everyone has Smartphone. Through their applications this phones tell us almost everything: daily news, weather and etc, but one of the unique application is definitely shazam. Shazam can be purchased (in fact shazam has two version, free and premium) and installed on smartphones. So this application is supported by almost every operating systems.

You may ask, what makes this application so unique?  The answer is very simple. Shazam gives you chance to discover, recognize and remember all the songs which you have heard previously but could not remember it. Shazam is very simple application, when you open app you just have to push tag button which is situated at the top right of your screen and let the shazam do the rest, and there is great news. Shazam application is absolutely FREE. Yes, you heard it right, it is free. Within a few seconds you can discover a name of track, artist which sings that track and name of album in which this song appeared. The track database of Shazam contains more than 12 million tracks, from late 50’s till nowadays.

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