How Shazam uses augmented reality to make money

How Shazam uses augmented reality to make money

Shazam was one of the foremost apps which became a verb. In the past, you could Uber anywhere or Airbnb any place, you could send a song via Shazam to search for the artist or the title of the tune. And presently, the universal app has got a new augmented reality platform, making its way for new ventures so that it could make a partnership with Snapchat. Shazam declared the new platform recently, which focuses on creating the marketing content for the user companies only by utilizing the app for scanning the peculiar “Shazam Codes.”

One of its partners Beam Suntory, which is the world’s third-biggest premium spirits firm. Those firms will, for instance, get able to use the Shazam app for playing the AR memory games to search for the discounted spirits from Beam Suntory. Few of the other services include 3D animations, mini-games, and 360 videos. Shazam started as a platform to download the mp3; later it evolved as a music detection app which allows you to recognize and interact with anything you want.

In 2015, the company released a feature named “Visual Shazam” which allows users to use the camera for identification of any product such as music, videos, ads and TV shows. Shazam has gone through the business model transformation for making the advertising for the biggest source of income and the largest business of the company. The augmented reality surely has raised the strength of company’s advertising business.

In 2016, Shazam worked hard for growing the advertising business which has now become the largest income stream and drove the company to the mark of profitability and flexibility. This flexibility has allowed Shazam to experiment through different channels including the AR. The company will also become a part of a TV show in the summer of 2017. However, most probably its most notable and user-facing corporation is with Snapchat.

By December 2017, Shazam will become the Snapchat’s only in-app, allowing users to recognize the song without even leaving the current using messaging app. Likewise, Snapchat can detect your location and can share yours geotag, only by a single tap on the screen, the app recognized which song is being played, and you can share the info with any of your friends on Snapchat.

This in-app-feature of Shazam has become another method for trying to access the young people who may get inclined to reach Amazon Alexa or ask Siri otherwise.

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