Shazam Gets Sync Feature at Last

Shazam Gets Sync Feature at Last

Going by recent news, Shazam has got an update that allows you to backup Shazams to an account, and maintain them in sync between all your devices. This update is accessible for Shazam ad-free (Encore) but will probably roll out to the free Shazam app also. It keeps Shazams Synced and safe between all your gadgets.
Not familiar with Shazam? It is one of the most popular apps in the world with over 100 million monthly users. They use it to get song lyrics, spot music, and find out the music that artists discern themselves.

On the other hand, Shazam is an app that feels like magic and you can use it to discover music instantaneously and share in the excitement of music finding with the artists you feel affection for.

Shazam Features

  • Auto Shazam – Helps you look for tunes even when you are not on the app
  • Shazam TV Shows – Use to find special offers, cast, soundtracks and lots more
  • With Apple Music, you can preview songs and add them to Spottily and Rdio playlists
  • Take pleasure in YouTube Videos and music lyrics
  • Launch Pandora Radio, depending on the artists you find

What’s New In Sync Version?

This new version will allow you access your Shazams, wherever and at anytime! The version 9.4 now keeps your Shazams protected and in sync amid all your gadgets. When you log in, Shazam will do the back up to your account, the place they will constantly be waiting.

When you get a new phone, just log in and Shazams will bring back all your past Shazams. Do you have an iPad? Log in as well and your Shazams will stay in sync amid your iPad and phone. Do you possess an Apple Watch, Shazams will fix a bug causing song identification problems. Shazam Encore is available for purchase from the App Store.

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