Shazam Integrates the Music Recognition System with latest Augmented Reality Platform

Shazam Integrates the Music Recognition System with latest Augmented Reality Platform

Shazam, which is the famous music recognition app, has released a novel platform based on the augmented reality technique for various brands, users, and artists all across the globe. The app was founded in 2000 and offers the mobile app which allows you to recognize the songs which you play in the background of the system, simply by tapping on the screen of your phone. However, it has been so long since the app launched out any other verticals such as TV.

In 2015, Shazam declared the feature of the visual recognition, going far beyond its audio cores to let users pass things through scans such as posters, magazines, and packages which make what company specifies as the highly dynamic section of the content – this may cause the formation of some unique offers and the capability to purchase new stuff.

Currently, Shazam is planning to bring stuff to the next level while using the features of augmented reality which is very promising in making the marketing material alive, including the ads, packages, and other physical stuff via scanning the Shazam codes. Talking in terms of the types of content, you can unlock the app, which could be anything like the 3D animation for gaming and visualizations.

For the release of new feature of app, Shazam itself said that it had made a partnership with the Beam Suntory, the firm which works behind Beam Bourbon, the alcohol brand, with the US Shazam users for unlocking the brand memory game.

The app’s new augmented reality based code scanning technique will be supported by the London company, Zapper, which just launched its first outside fund to make up the $3.75 million.

Shazam is not here to provide something brand new. It’s London partner, Blippar has offered something identical for a few years back but what Shazam is going to offer for brands is its current target – its app is already in use by the millions of people all across the world.

The Shazam’s CRO, Greg Glenday elaborated that one of the most important things which AR is missing for the marketers in the frictionless method of delivering its experiments at a bigger scale. As Shazam has a quite massive user base and clients are already familiar with the usage of the app for the innovations – the company have now found the solution to this problem.

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