Shazam Tracks to Free Spotify and Rdio Users Playlists

Shazam Tracks to Free Spotify and Rdio Users Playlists

Shazam is a popular song identifying the app. This app is undergoing tighter integration with streaming channels like the Rdio and Spotify. This enhances the capacity to add easily a song to the Shazam playing list. Free of charge. However, Shazam has been available to Rdio and Spotify members for a period but it’s currently going to everybody who has an account linked to Shazam.

A promotion is ongoing where Rdio users who sign up through the app get a bonus of 48 hours of the free trial of the Rdio unlimited. Even after the free trial runs out, the users will still be able to add songs directly from the app.  Veteran users who sign up through Shazam will enjoy the 48-hour free park of the trial Rdio. These users enjoy listening to the uninterrupted full track playback in Shazam. Free trial users can still listen to earlier tracks and add any song to the Rdio playlist.

It will be therefore easy for the Rdio and Spotify users to add any song of their choice from Shazam to their playlists.  This app enables users of the free Rdio and the Spotify to upload a song on their playlists just with a few taps. They may also be able to keep the tracks pending and listen to them later.  In collaboration with their streaming partners, Shazam manages to simplify what audio fans love especially when they discover a new artist.

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