Shazam Vs Another Music Identifying Applications

Shazam Vs Another Music Identifying Applications

In fact there are few leading applications which are focused on music identifying, Soundhound and Musixmatch. These great applications give you chance to discover any music you can’t remember or just can’t identify.

Music Identifying App Review

Shazam is definitely the most accurate application that you can use. I tried and compared all these, three major applications.

So I just downloaded these applications and started testing. Tested almost 10 tracks and shazam was the most accurate, it delivered track’s download link on itunes very fast and provided me with the information I needed. Definitely shazam provided me with results about track 2 seconds earlier than Soundhound, Musixmatch was not accurate and could not identify many tracks at all.

So the last battle was between Shazam and Soundhound. The main difference is of course time of identification and accuracy. So the shazam is winner and king of music identifying apps.

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