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Scan more than Music using the new SHAZAM


Shazam is an application that was developed to help music fans to scan songs from various devices such as radio so as to get to know the name of the song. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It

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Shazam Introduces Visual Recognition to Its Identification Platform


Shazam Company owns a mobile app that allows users just to press a button and make their phones detect particular songs are playing on the device. The feature that was announced on Thursday will enhance the visual recognition features in

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Shazam Gets Sync Feature at Last


Going by recent news, Shazam has got an update that allows you to backup Shazams to an account, and maintain them in sync between all your devices. This update is accessible for Shazam ad-free (Encore) but will probably roll out

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Shazam launches image-recognition service


Shazam, which is a music discovery app that is used by a lot of people, is considering turning its attention in recognizing images as a way of increasing its revenues. It’s a British technology whose offices are situated in London

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Shazam Player: New App focused on Lyric Play


ITunes has been the best music app in the market for quite some times. It has been giving users an opportunity to stream music directly from the app or download them to their Smartphone’s and tablets. Despite all this, it’s

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Shazam Tracks to Free Spotify and Rdio Users Playlists


Shazam is a popular song identifying the app. This app is undergoing tighter integration with streaming channels like the Rdio and Spotify. This enhances the capacity to add easily a song to the Shazam playing list. Free of charge. However,

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