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Download Shazam Apk for Android

Download Shazam Apk for Android Now. Shazam application is undoubtedly one of the best lyrics music app created. Because this app is capable of discovering new songs anywhere you go. This app works by showing you the artist and name

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How Shazam uses augmented reality to make money


Shazam was one of the foremost apps which became a verb. In the past, you could Uber anywhere or Airbnb any place, you could send a song via Shazam to search for the artist or the title of the tune.

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Shazam to pull off its app on Windows 10


Here is bad news for few of the Windows phone customers who use the most famous music detection app Shazam. A few months back, the company declared that the app would not be workable anymore for the mobile platform of

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What would happen to Shazam App on Windows Mobile Platform?


Presently, the company is implying this decision once again and decided to take the famous application away from the market. Any Shazam user who owns the Windows Mobile version of this app, already installed on his phone can continue to use

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Shazam Integrates the Music Recognition System with latest Augmented Reality Platform


Shazam, which is the famous music recognition app, has released a novel platform based on the augmented reality technique for various brands, users, and artists all across the globe. The app was founded in 2000 and offers the mobile app

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Shazam Integrates with Sharetapes for Making Mixtapes


Sharetapes is very excited to declare its collaboration with Shazam, the highly popular music detection app. Including the Shazam’s novel visual effects and augmented reality to the current NFC mechanism in the Sharetape’s peculiar mixtape cards. (1 raters, 5 scores,

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